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The necessity of trust in democracy

Many of life’s daily interactions depend on trust. That’s especially true for the healthy functioning of a democrative government and its institutions. But what happens when trust erodes? We talk to Daniel Rothenberg, co-director of ASU’s Center on the Future of War and professor in the School of Politics and Global Studies, about reasons why people mistrust the government — and how to build back trust in a deeply flawed system.

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Episode 19

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The necessity of trust in democracy

Many of life’s daily interactions depend on trust.

Episode 18

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Fragmenting society, with disinformation

The rise of advanced information technologies has resulted in sophisticated efforts to fragment American society — from foreign actors like Russia,

Episode 17

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Democracy’s roots: Equality, freedom and inclusion in ancient Greece

Democracy flourished in Athens 2500 years ago — but lasted only about a century.

Episode 16

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How America was built on slavery: Those roots can still be felt today

American capitalism was built on the backs of slaves and the slave economy — and not just in the South.

Episode 15

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On lynching and racial oppression: How white violence denies black innocence

The practice of lynching was originally used against British loyalists.

Episode 14

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Crises of their own: How nonprofits are creatively confronting COVID-19

Organizations serving the public during the crisis of COVID-19 are facing their own challenges.

Episode 13

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Love Sickness: Shakespeare, medicine and metaphors in a world of plague

Romantic love was long considered an illness — with some bizarre and harrowing treatments. 

Episode 12

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The most vulnerable among us: How the pandemic reveals inequities in health care and beyond

Poor and minority communities were at a disadvantage before COVID-19, but they are getting hit hardest now. Can the U.S.

Episode 11

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Testing is key: Attacking the virus with rapid response, robots and reliability

Reliable and fast testing is needed all over the U.S. to confront the spread of COVID-19. We talk with Dr.

Episode 10

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Conditions of contagion: The fears we face

In 18th-century England, viruses and bacteria were not understood — but the idea of contagion was part of the social fabric.