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Featured stories

Kateryna Smagliy: Fighting for democracy

Ukrainian diplomat and McCain Institute scholar Kateryna Smagliy’s days in D.C. are packed with meetings supporting her country. For more on ASU connections to Ukraine.
Kiera Charley: Journeying toward the stars

Kiera Charley: Journeying toward the stars

One Navajo teen's transition to ASU — and how higher education is changing to better serve the needs of Native American students

Mark Klett: Artist shows new views from the top of Tempe

A day in the life of a Tempe vantage point in 1908, 2008 and 2022

Lekelia “Kiki” Jenkins: Dance with the waves

Mixing science and dance to explore and explain, a nationally recognized ocean scientist shares the origins of her love for nature
TSMC: Going up and creating jobs

TSMC: Going up and creating jobs

Peek into the building of the massive new $12 billion Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company fabrication foundry in north Phoenix

Samuel Peña, Zach Montana, Cameron Jeong, Milena Santiago: Space to create

A look inside Fusion on First next to Civic Space Park, where students live, work, learn, perform and contribute to the Phoenix arts scene

The Garcia, Diaz and Brei families: All in for the children

Local families made changes to put their kids’ learning first

Carbon Collect: Breath of fresh air

Research from the Center for Negative Carbon Emissions is being commercialized with a new installation by Carbon Collect