Thought Huddle is a new podcast highlighting thinkers and doers who are devoted to creating meaningful impact. It explores ideas, tells stories, and helps make sense of our complicated and beautiful world.   

Episode 9
woman looking out window

In this time of coronavirus crisis, how do we best care for others and ourselves? And how do nurses in particular manage amid this pandemic?

Episode 8
historic illustration representing the plague

Editor's note: This is the first program in a series addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode 7
flying alien saucer

The notion of aliens from other planets often conjures images of flying saucers and little green men. But could they really exist?

Episode 6
View of an ongoing hallway

How do we think about the future in precarious, uncertain times?

Episode 5
Husky mix posing in front of ASU sign

Dog owners are wild about their dogs. It's hard to overstate the power and poignancy of this human-canine bond.

Episode 4
brain scan

The journey of Alzheimer’s disease is unpredictable, baffling, a loss for the sufferer and painful for the family — yet can offer unexpected gifts.

Episode 3
woman on mountain looking at sunset

In this episode, host Mary-Charlotte Domandi speaks with three sustainability experts who explore the challenges Phoenix and other “extreme” cities

Episode 2
ASU researcher holding up vial

Rolf Halden studies the impact of dangerous chemicals on human health.

Episode 1
Episode 1. Alexander Hamilton: A Maker of America

This is the story of Alexander Hamilton: the man, the nation builder, the dueler and the now-legendary musical.