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Mayes quoted on closure of Tucson Corporation Commission office

October 22, 2009

Kris Mayes, a 2003 alumna of the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law and chairwoman of the state's Corporation Commission, was quoted Oct. 9 in an Arizona Capitol Times article entitled "Funding shortage plagues Corp Comm; Tucson office to close."

The article explains that Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's recent budget veto caused commissioners to vote on budget cuts, forcing the closure of the offices holding state's repository of all corporate records and annual reports. The division that was closed also grants authority to out-of-state corporations to do business in Arizona.

"We think that is really a travesty at a time when we are facing an epic recession," Mayes said. "We could be faced with a situation where somebody who wants to move to Arizona from California and start a new business and they just can't do it for a year. My biggest fear is they will just decide to skip over to some other states, where they can form a new business."

Mayes earned her bachelor's degree in political science from ASU, graduating as the class valedictorian, and then attended Columbia University where she earned a Master of Public Administration. Mayes was appointed as Commissioner of the Arizona Corporation Commission in 2003 and elected to a full term in 2004.

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