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Marchant delivers speech at conference in France

October 17, 2012

In the “it’s-a-dirty-job-but-somebody’s-gotta-do-it” category

Gary Marchant, ASU Lincoln Professor of Emerging Technologies, Law and Ethics at the College of Law, and faculty director of the Center for Law, Science & Innovation recently traveled to France to deliver a speech.

Marchant gave the talk, “Liability and Insurance and their Influence on Safety Management of Industrial Operations and Products,” Oct. 11, at the NeTWork (New Technology and Work) Conference in Toulouse. It defined more clearly the role of soft law mechanisms in rapidly advancing fields of science.

NeTWork is an international, interdisciplinary group that provides concepts and methods for addressing the risks created by technological development, evaluating the state of the art of technology management, regulation and risk control and debating the way forward.

Marchant frequently lectures about the intersection of law and science at national and international conferences. He has authored more than 60 articles and book chapters on various issues relating to emerging technologies.