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Homecoming 2007 to include 30-year anniversary for Leadership Scholarship Program

October 12, 2007

This fall, ASU’s call to welcome alumni home includes a special invitation to a group of graduates as the university celebrates a major anniversary for one of its signature leadership development programs. The Leadership Scholarship Program was established 30 years ago by Christine Wilkinson, senior vice president and secretary, who was then the director of Undergraduate Admissions. The program’s purpose was and still is to recognize the top students from Arizona and to prepare them for leadership after their ASU experience.

The program began in 1977 with a select group of seven of the best students from Arizona high schools. Over the years the program has expanded to include today 21 Arizona top high school students and four from out of state in each cohort. The program offers a four-year scholarship as well as intensive leadership development such as leadership classes, mentoring programs, and service projects.

During the past three decades, this program has created leaders in virtually every industry, including broadcast journalism, business, education, law and technology.

LSP events include a reception at the Tempe Mission Palms on Thursday, October 25, 7 – 9 p.m., including a presentation of the Neil Giuliano Distinguished Alumni award to the LSP Alumnus of the Year. On Saturday, October 27, the LSP freshman class will ride their float during the Homecoming parade, and LSP students and alumni alike will gather at a special tent at the block party. 

For more information, contact Eddie Lopez, (480) 202-6286.