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Grey comments on billing dispute

November 19, 2013

Professor Betsy Grey, of ASU's Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, was recently quoted in a news story about a woman who believes she was wrongfully billed for a helicopter transport to the hospital.

For the story, “Call 12: Air-evac service transported patient despite her protests,” reporter Robert Anglen asked Grey whether a patient may refuse medical transportation if they are competent.

Grey said cases such as these hinge on “informed consent” and patients’ ability to articulate their desire not to be treated. She went on to say transporting patients against their wishes could constitute a crime in Arizona, and could also leave a company open to civil lawsuits for unlawful restraint, false imprisonment and battery.

To watch the full story, click here.

Grey publishes and teaches on issues of tort law, products liability and mass tort litigation, as well as neuroscience and law, and has presented to judicial conferences and other professional groups on these issues. Her recent scholarly work has focused on the study of no-fault compensation systems in the United States, as well as the impact of advancements in neuroscience on tort law.