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Eight, Arizona PBS, helps voters prepare for election day

April 14, 2010

In an effort to inform Arizona residents about the upcoming May 18 election day and Proposition 100 – a proposed 1 percent sales tax increase in the state – Eight, Arizona PBS has created a "Vote 2010" guide that can be found online at

This will be an ongoing Election 2010 Web site that currently includes for and against arguments for Ballot Measure 100 along with voter information, a link to help you find your polling place, and a chance to view a sample ballot.  You will also find new Horizon segments posted in the days and weeks ahead through November – which is typical of election coverage on Eight.

Eight, Arizona PBS, is committed to providing access to the tools and information you need during an important election season that promises contested local primaries and tight races for governor and attorney general as well as the United States Senate and House of Representatives.

Election day is May 18, and the last day to register to vote is April 19. Early voting begins April 22.

To access Eight’s election day information, visit

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