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Calleros leads a workshop of legal exercises

May 23, 2013

Professor Charles Calleros led a workshop of legal exercises at the University of Texas at El Paso Law School Preparation Institute on May 20.

In his workshop, students performed a number of exercises set in contexts as diverse as the warrant requirement under the fourth amendment to mitigation of damages under contract law.

“The exercises are designed to expose the students to legal uncertainty, in which their task is to develop arguments for either side of a dispute, rather than identify a certain answer,” Calleros said.

At ASU, Calleros teaches contracts, international contracts and civil rights legislation. At the Universite Paris Descartes, he annually teaches short courses in Common Law Legal Method, Comparative and International Contracts and International Conflict of Laws. His research interests include the intersection of race and gender discrimination and free speech; various issues regarding legal education; and international and comparative contract law.