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ASU top choice for Hispanic students

July 01, 2008

Arizona State University is recognized by The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, as one of the top choices for Hispanic students in the country. The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, a national journal of higher education, publishes an annual list where they review and recognize the quality and efforts of higher education institutions to graduate and retain Hispanic students.

The magazine’s May 5 issue ranked the Top 100 Colleges for Hispanics mostly based on the numbers of degrees awarded to Hispanic students and the quality of the institution. ASU ranked 20th overall in the number of bachelor’s degrees awarded to Hispanics and placed in the top 10 in bachelor’s degrees awarded to Hispanics in four academic areas – agriculture, architecture, communications and education.

“Today, more than ever before, our nation needs a highly qualified teaching force that closely reflects the demographics of the children and families being served within the halls of pre-K-12,” says George W. Hynd, senior vice provost for education and innovation and dean of the Mary Lou Fulton College of Education.

Of the one million students enrolled in public pre-K-12 schools in Arizona, non- Latino whites constitute the largest ethnic or racial group at 46 percent, however, Latinos account for 40 percent of the total enrollment statewide and 50 percent in Phoenix and Tucson. Despite this dramatic shift, the overwhelming majority of Arizona teachers are non- Latino white females.

“The need for more Latino teachers within Arizona schools is urgent,” Hynd says. “The Mary Lou Fulton College of Education is mindful of this and has placed attracting, retaining, and graduating students that reflect the diversity of our state among its highest priorities.

“We are extremely pleased to be included among Hispanic Outlook’s top 100 institutions leading efforts nationally to increase the number of Latino college graduates within the field of education.”

ASU also ranked 19 overall in Hispanic enrollment among four-year colleges, a 22 in the number of doctoral degrees awarded to Hispanics and 76th in master’s degrees awarded to Latinos.

"ASU is proud to be listed among the top universities in degrees awarded to Hispanics and expect these numbers to continue to increase," says Elizabeth Capaldi, ASU Provost and Executive Vice President.

"The need for college graduates in Arizona is great, and we are committed to providing access and then insuring success for all qualified students. We expect ASU to continue to lead the nation in Latino and Latina graduates and to have even greater numbers in the future," Capaldi says.