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ASU to convert course catalog to PeopleSoft

July 12, 2006

The Online Administration and Student Information Systems (OASIS) Student Records team is working on converting the ASU course catalog into the PeopleSoft software system.

A student catalog conversion will change the way many people work at ASU – and a lot of people adds up to a lot of questions.

In an attempt to answer questions on a rolling basis, the OASIS project management team is posting information to its Web site. The Web site can be found at (

There are many advantages of converting the catalog into PeopleSoft:

• The system can maintain a course history as courses change prefix or number, which allows support for repeat checking.

• PeopleSoft has the option of course offerings for each separate campus, which allows distributed course and section management while still linking the offerings together in one course.

• The online catalog will be the source for the printed catalog and information displayed on the Web.

• In PeopleSoft, the catalog data will be maintained in one place, where in the current ASU environment the course data is maintained in two separate databases.

This will be the precursor to the new class schedule process, which also will have new processes associated with it.

Plans for the next few months include an early target date the month of July to have the entire catalog converted into PeopleSoft, with a dual maintenance situation existing until fall 2007.

During this time, the OASIS team will build the fall 2007 class schedule in PeopleSoft, with an automated process to convert this information from previous semesters.

Training and workshops on the class schedule will occur for schedulers in the academic areas during August.

For further information, contact the OASIS project management team via e-mail at (, or visit the Web site (