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ASU’s Buscher returns to Sun City Grand to explore Wild West

January 18, 2007

Residents of Sun City Grand will learn how the West was won when Arizona State University’s Dick Buscher returns, bringing the wonderful Wild West with him. Part of ASU’s Lifelong Learning Institute, the five-part “Wild West” lecture series begins at 1 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 30, at the Chaparral Center.

“The Wild West was an amazing time that fascinates the world even today,” said Buscher, a lecturer in the College of Teacher Education and Leadership at ASU’s West campus. “It was a time when might made right, and ordinary people did amazing things.”

Buscher will focus on the 20 year period in U.S. history that was known as the Wild West. The class features several components of the Wild West, including the gunfighters, soldiers, cowboys and settlers of the West, and how these people influenced the history of Arizona.

“Arizona’s history was laid down by brave men and women who came to this challenging environment and created their homes,” said Buscher. “They were an interesting and brave people whose stories just add to the legend of Wild, Wild West.”

This lecture series is one of more than 85 classes and lectures being offered in the Sun City communities this spring. For registration and class information, call the local ASU Lifelong Learning office at Sun City Grand (623) 546-7429 or visit online at:

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