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ASU, Encantos partner to reimagine elementary education for kids

August 9, 2021

Global education leader ASU and edtech leader Encantos to codesign first-of-its-kind elementary content

With a shared vision to inspire kids to learn 21st-century skills, Arizona State University and Encantos, the global story-teaching platform, on Aug. 9 announced at the ASU+GSV Summit a groundbreaking partnership to launch a first-of-its-kind elementary curriculum partnership that inspires students with next-generation skills through culturally relevant, exploratory digital learning and print material. 

This partnership will embed Encantos’ award-winning blended-learning products into ASU Prep Digital, ASU’s K–12 digital learning platform that teaches learners and collaborates with schools around the globe. Because of this partnership, learners, teachers and parents will now have access to a robust library of audio, videos, games, activities and storycasts that enhance their understanding of the world and the Spanish language with embedded social-emotional benefits.

ASU and Encantos — two recognized leaders in education that pioneer innovations to impact learners and educators of all demographics, backgrounds and economic levels — come to this partnership with a shared vision and mission for a more inclusive educational system that democratizes and diversifies learning. The program is based upon national content standards along with a rich infusion of SEL (social-emotional learning) and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion learning). The student experience is bilingual and delivered in an innovative platform that encourages community, play and learning. The development of a core curriculum based on 21st-century skills aims to unlock educational advantages for all children that will help them succeed in a changing world, where future jobs require different skills than have been needed in the past. This co-designed curriculum is the first of a wide-ranging set of innovative learning approaches that the two partners will seek to develop together over the coming years.

The collaboration will help validate educational efficacy and learning goals and will develop a sustainable educational model that lifts up all children, regardless of race, income or household dynamics. ASU Prep Digital’s K–5 offerings, enhanced by Encantos’ proprietary mapping of 21st-century skills, align to DEI and SEL standards to make it easy for new school partners to join in the future and empower learners at home as well as innovative school teachers looking for blended and hybrid assets mapped to standard that put students on individual paths to mastery.

By fall 2022, it is anticipated that schools nationwide will join ASU Prep Digital’s kindergarten and first grade cohorts and a growing network of school partnerships to leverage the Encantos tools for their learners. Each year a new grade level will be released along with a repository of assets that powerfully engage elementary-age learners.

“This partnership was developed to leverage the unique approach Encantos plays in teaching through the lens of story and play,” said ASU President Michael Crow. “We are very enthusiastic about how education can be reinvented by offering some of the principles that Encantos has pioneered into ASU Prep Digital’s growing global footprint.”

Encantos CEO Steven Wolfe Pereira added, “ASU is the undisputed leader in progressive education, modeling a stance on universal access with excellence, inclusivity, access and impact as the core. We share these values and are thrilled to partner to introduce 21st-century skills, story-teaching and learning through play to their schools, to ensure the 2 billion kids around the world all have an equal chance to reach their fullest potential.”

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Record-breaking summer enrollment reflects Sun Devil appetite for accelerated education

August 9, 2021

Students show tenacity through challenging times

Gone are the days when the calendar turns to May and ASU classrooms are quickly abandoned for the summer. Now the summer term is a golden opportunity for Sun Devils to enhance their education by enrolling in courses that allow them to either graduate early, catch up or expand their credentials through multiple majors.

Arizona State University ended its 2021 summer sessions with record-setting enrollment. ASU enrolled more than 60,000 learners this summer — that’s roughly the same population as Palo Alto, California. The summer enrollment was up more than 20% from the 49,000 enrolled in summer 2019 and surpassed the previous record set in summer 2020 enrollment.

President Michael M. Crow said the numbers highlight the many students who wanted to kick-start their education before the fall semester or use the summer to accelerate their path toward graduation.

“Enrollment in ASU summer school courses this year is another sign of our students’ resilience and commitment to their goals during these challenging times,” Crow said. “Their tenacity and effort motivates everyone at ASU to continue doing our very best to ensure access to higher education, regardless of where students are in their learning journey.”

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International students helped fuel the surging enrollment.

In addition to the 60,091 enrolled students this summer, nearly 3,000 more took University Learning Courses. Students in these classes can begin at no cost and pay for the credits after successfully completing the course.

ASU’s enrollment teams played a large role in the record numbers, officials said, including direct outreach to enrolled students through personalized and interactive messaging on platforms such as Sunny, ASU’s chatbot, to help students navigate summer enrollment.

The university also worked to increase access to more learners, making it easier for visiting university students, incentivizing newly admitted students to begin their academic journey early and expanding the types of courses offered with flexible start dates.

The summer success is expected to be followed by surging fall enrollment. ASU anticipates a university record for the number of new on-campus first-year students, as well as a record total university enrollment.

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Nikai Salcido

Media Relations Officer , Media Relations and Strategic Communications