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Student organizations in need of advisers

October 07, 2010

Student Engagement Departments on ASU’s campuses provide involvement opportunities for students in more than 800 student organizations.

ASU recognizes participation in involvement activities as a vital component in the attainment of the mission of the university and the personal development of its students. Participation in student organizations can complement the student’s academic program of study and enhance the overall educational experience. In addition, participation in activities is positively related to persistence and graduation and provides opportunities for leadership, teamwork and communication skills. 

Effective and engaged advisement is vital to the success of any student organization. Advisers act as educators and offer insight. Advisers support and encourage students to make intelligent, fair and reasonable choices. Advisers assist in developing new leaders. 

Student Engagement serves as a resource for all advisers in a variety of capacities. Through the Advisor Network, listserves, newsletters and specialized workshops, advisers have access to professional/adviser development opportunities throughout the year.

Adviser needs vary from semester to semester. Many student organizations currently are looking for advisers. 

If you have an interest in becoming an adviser, or if you are interested in learning more about student organizations, please contact the SORC at 480-965-9665 or e-mail or fill out the adviser interest form

Additional information is available online at