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Service Award luncheon honors long-term dedication

Milt Sommerfeld and ASU President Michael Crow
April 01, 2014

The Sun Devil Service Award Luncheon, held on March 25, honored 169 ASU faculty and staff celebrating 25-, 30-, 35-, 40-, 45- and 50-year anniversaries. Ten faculty and staff members were retiring with 25 or more years of continuous service to ASU.

Eight employees celebrated 40 or more years of dedicated service:

Peter Buseck, 50 years
School of Earth and Space Exploration
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Lidia Haberman, 45 years
School of International Letters and Cultures

Milton Sommerfeld, 45 years
College of Technology and Innovation
Department of Applied Science and Mathematics

John Craft, 40 years
Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Aleksandra Gruzinska, 40 years
School of International Letters and Cultures

Peter Horwath, 40 years
School of International Letters and Cultures

Carol Nunez, 40 years
School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Rocky Mountain Math Consortium

Henry Stevens, 40 years
ASU Libraries, Access Services

The Office of the President hosts this annual university-wide celebration, which is managed by the Office of Human Resources. The Sun Devil Award for Service recognizes the ongoing commitment of employees to ASU in five-year increments of employment. It is just one component of the university's Employee Recognition Program.