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Don’t trash it. Recycle!

December 12, 2007

Did you know that ASU has a recycling program? There are a number of items that students, staff and faculty can recycle on campus including white and colored paper, computer paper, newspapers (including inserts), catalogs, magazines, fax paper, envelopes, file folders and phone books (ASU and Qwest). Shredded paper may be placed in paper recycling bins, but please do not include plastic bags since those tend to get caught in the recycler’s conveyer belts and jam the machinery.

Look for recycling bins: near the freight elevators at University Center and the Post Office; on each floor of the College of Nursing & Healthcare Innovation in rooms 100L4, 200L2, 309 and 450V1; on the patio at Residential Commons; and in work areas and hallways in the Mercado. Each area also has a box for plastic bottles. University College on the third floor of University Center has initiated a toner, ink jet and laser cartridge recycling program.

Items that cannot be recycled at ASU include adhesives, blueprints, carbon paper, copy paper wrappers, foam, food wrappers, garbage, metal or wooden objects, napkins, packaging peanuts, photographic paper, plastic cups, rubber bands, self-stick labels, tape and trash. Recycling containers contaminated with trash and garbage, glass, metal, toner cartridges, styrofoam, popcorn packing or copy paper wrappers cannot be emptied by recycling staff. For more information about recycling at the Downtown Phoenix campus, contact the Vice Provost of Administrative Services office at (602) 496-1002.