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Meet the 'Devils in the Details'

New Zoom-based series focuses on conversations with ASU experts

Devils in the Details
May 19, 2020

Arizona State University this week launched “Devils in the Details,” a Zoom-based conversation series with experts who are doing the work, the research and the collaboration that makes ASU the most innovative university in America.

The series delves deeper into stories or issues making headlines and also introduces viewers to undiscovered topics and the people behind them. 

Early episodes include:

• Why students from across the country are signing up for Summer School 2020 — taking steps to catch up, keep up or get ahead during the pandemic.

• A virtual trip into the research labs with Joshua LaBaer to learn more about coronavirus testing, unexpected challenges, the road ahead and the decisions we face about how to expand and increase testing. 

• The next big development for a solar-powered, ASU-invented computer in a backpack that is a life-changer for people in remote areas around the globe.

• How an ASU tool invented during a Florida hurricane now is helping with the university and community response to COVID-19, and how an emergency management and homeland security center is playing a role in the pandemic response. 

“We are always looking for new ways to engage, communicate and educate about the many fascinating things that faculty, students, researchers and ASU partners are doing across our campuses and around the world,” said Katie Paquet, vice president of media relations and strategic communications. “This is a convenient way to have a deeper conversation about what is happening inside our research labs, in the field, in classrooms, in the oceans, in space exploration, in cities like Washington or Los Angeles, or right here in Arizona.”

Video produced by Ken Fagan/Media Relations and Strategic Communications

The show is hosted by Mi-Ai Parrish, the Sue Clark-Johnson Professor of Media Innovation and Leadership at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and managing director of the ASU Media Enterprise. She is known nationally as a newsroom leader, having served as publisher of the Arizona Republic, president and publisher of the Kansas City Star and president and publisher of the Idaho Statesman.

"Devils in the Details" joins “Thought Huddle,” a podcast highlighting thinkers and doers across the university, as a tool and resource to help people learn about the work ASU is doing and how it impacts their community and their lives.

Watch for more episodes of Devils in the Details soon.

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