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ASU startup Seymour Innovative receives venture funding

July 19, 2012

Seymour Innovative, a startup from ASU’s Edson Entrepreneur Initiative, has received an undisclosed angel funding round from the MAC 6 incubator. Seymour Innovative provides Ella’s Monitor, a revolutionary, low-cost device that will save infants from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Unlike existing inaccurate home sensors, Ella’s Monitor will offer the accuracy of hospital grade equipment in an affordable, convenient, and easy to use package. The funding will be used to finalize the prototype and move towards taking the product to market.

“This funding from MAC6 is a significant milestone for us as it allows us to not only have the resources to finalize the prototype but also avails the company of the significant mentorship from the MAC6 team, beyond the resources we have already received via the Edson accelerator,” said Peter Seymour, founder and CEO of Seymour Innovative. “I believe that the use of this monitor will be a major improvement to the lives of young children and their parents.”

MAC6 is an early stage business incubator that supports the growth of Conscious Capitalism business models in 10,000 square feet of state-of-the-art office space that is in the process of being built in Tempe, Ariz. Additionally, MAC6 provides angel funding, an intensive mentorship program, and access to elite business community partners. 

“We invested in Seymour Innovative, the company, as the first MAC6 incubee because we believe that Peter, himself, will make this company a success,” said Kyle McIntosh, co-founder of MAC6, with the role of Creative Excitant for the initiative. “Peter is developing an interesting and very important life saving device to monitor for SIDS in newborn babies. With a higher purpose of creating this product as a safe alternative to anything else out in the market, as well as something that potentially any consumer could afford, he dreams of eliminating the occurrence of sudden infant mortality.”

The MAC6 program advocates capitalism as a force for good. MAC6 supports the growth of for-profit, early-stage companies with epic, paradigm-shifting ideas through creativity, collaboration, community and change. MAC6 is not industry exclusive and has set up a collaborative environment where many companies doing very different things are working side by side.  

Seymour Innovative has been supported through the ASU Edson student entrepreneur accelerator based in ASU SkySong, the Innovation Center in Scottsdale. The Edson accelerator provides funding, mentoring, and office space that enables students to advance their ventures.

“We are pleased to see that Seymour Innovative is the first of the recent cohort of Edson companies to receive external funding and significant validation,” said Gordon McConnell, vice-president of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Venture Acceleration based at ASU SkySong. “The companies in the student startup accelerator are doing amazing work and we are expecting that more of our startups will recieve funding in the coming months”.

The ASU Venture Catalyst and ASU SkySong are both strategic units of ASU’s Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development, the research arm of ASU.