RIP To A Great Sun Devil: All-American And Former @SunDevilMGolf Head Coach George Boutell Was Special

September 17, 2018

Sun Devil Hall of Famer George Boutell (swing)

The coach who won ASU's first Pac-10 title has passed away. Rest in peace George Boutell. Download Full Image

ASU Gammage lobby hosts exhibition of art by Anna Tran, Nancy Yeung

September 18, 2018

Work from artists Anna Tran and Nancy Yeung will be displayed at the ASU Gammage lobby through Oct. 25. 

The "Desolation" series by Tran derives from the notion of life and death. It shows the destruction of our ecosystem and the impact on endangered animals in their respective ecosystems. The animals portrayed in the paintings are all endangered. The hope for the pieces is to bring awareness to how we as humans are impacting our environment and to promote conservation and pollution reduction. A piece from the "Desolation" series by Anna Tran. Download Full Image

"The piece being featured was an idea that I had for many years before I had the courage to paint it," Tran said. "Elephants are naturally some of my favorite animals and with this piece I hope to get everyone talking about the importance of saving and helping all the endangered species."

Yeung believes that a floral painting is not only about showing the flower’s characteristics, but demonstrating its innate life force to survive and thrive in nature. She finds color to be the key to invigorat­­e this energy, a method she applies to flowers, animals and landscapes. Through a selection of over 15 paintings, color is used intuitively and expressively to reframe the scenery of Arizona and Sedona into something more impressionistic and imaginative.