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Deanna Swoboda

ASU School of Music faculty Deanna Swoboda
February 09, 2017

Deanna Swoboda, assistant professor of music, was awarded a Herberger Institute faculty project grant (and supported by the School of Music) for a project entitled "Creative Placemaking Through Music Corps." The project involves 11 music students competitively selected to create projects and collaborate with community hosts. It is an opportunity for music students to collaborate and perform in the greater Phoenix metro area; to share their creativity and talents with diverse populations.

It is an opportunity for our musical artists to engage with people in the community and turn a shared vision into a reality. This idea is supported by the School of Music’s desire to provide experiences that meaningfully connect students with their community and Dean Tepper's Design and Art Corps initiative. With faculty guidance, students identify suitable venues, communicate with and connect with venue hosts, and collaborate with peers to create an educational and sustainable music event in the community.