As technology leaps forward, how do we make sure it will build a better world?
ASU Risk Innovation Lab works to find new ways to thrive in a risky world.
ASU prof: Risk can make life worth living, but we must learn to navigate it.
January 23, 2017

Andrew Maynard, director of ASU's Risk Innovation Lab, talks about how we can tackle challenges by framing them as values

Most people don't like talking about risk. Andrew Maynard is an exception.

As a professor at ASU’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society and the director of ASU's Risk Innovation Lab, he thinks about risk innovation and the responsible development and use of technologies for a living.

Are we thinking enough about emerging technologies? Does innovation have a dark side? Is there a risk in not taking a risk? In this KEDtalk, Maynard tries to find answers to these pertinent questions and how we can all tackle risk challenges by framing them as values.

Maynard's talk is part of the ASU KEDtalks series. Short for Knowledge Enterprise Development talks, KEDtalks aim to spark ideas, indulge curiosity, and inspire action by highlighting ASU scientists, humanists, social scientists and artists who are driven to find solutions to the universe’s grandest challenges. Tune in monthly to to discover how the next educational revolution will come about, whether space is the next economic frontier and more.

Top photo by Marissa Huth

Iti Agnihotri

Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications , Learning Enterprise