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ASU student shares Tanzania internship experience

ASU senior Hannah Woner in Tanzania.

September 22, 2016

Hannah Woner is an Arizona State University senior majoring in global studies and economics. With the assistance of the Global Studies Travel Grant offered by the School of Politics and Global Studies (SPGS), Woner was able to travel to Moshi, Tanzania for an internship with a local travel company called K2 Adventures Foundation.

After her trip, Woner took the time to provide a recap of her experiences:

Question: What were some of your takeaways from this internship?

Answer: As a Global Studies and Economics student, this experience taught me an immense amount about functional political institutions and economies. Other (perhaps slightly less scholarly lessons) include: how to survive a 36+ hour plane itinerary, never drink the water (never. ever.), and advanced hand gesture communication (language barriers are a real thing).

Q: What were some of the challenges you faced?

A: The biggest challenge was being away from my family for an extended period of time. Additionally, I was without Wi-Fi, a shower, a real toilet, and reliable electricity for 40 days, which was difficult to adjust to. Also, the culture in Tanzania was so vastly different than my own in certain respects; I have a new appreciation for the term “culture shock”.

Q: How do you think interning in Tanzania was beneficial to your career and schooling experience?

A: Since interning in Tanzania, I am a much more confident traveler than I was previously. I am also a more globally-minded individual, and I have improved my communication skills with people from different cultures. Additionally, having international working experience on my resume will be hugely beneficial in applying for jobs abroad.

Looking forward, Woner plans on attending law school after graduation. She urges students to not be afraid to take on an independent internship to fill course credit.

“I love that SPGS attracts such a diverse group of people,” Woner said. “I also love hearing what amazing goals the majors have in their careers; SPGS rocks because its students are in it to change the world.”

The School of Politics and Global Studies offers travel grants for qualified students completing their SGS International Experience. To learn more about opportunities like this, visit the SPGS website.

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