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Student Production finishes season with new work, After Sunsets

May 01, 2003

WHAT: Student Production in the Herberger College of Fine Arts at ASU presents After Sunsets, an original play by ASU student Mathew Keuter. After Sunsets is a tragic romance that asks the question, "How far is it safe to descend with someone who is bent on the bottom?"

Student Production is a student-driven organization within the department of theatre that is committed to providing opportunity, resources, and support to ASU students who are ready for the challenge of bringing their artistic vision to life.

WHEN: May 4-6, with a free preview on May 3; all at 7:30 p.m.

WHERE: The Student Laboratory Theatre at the Prism, 851 E. Tyler Street in the Ritter Building on the ASU campus (northwest corner of Terrace and Rural, just south of University Drive).

TICKETS: $3 available at the door only.


Starting as a piece in the one-act festival at the University of Colorado, the play After Sunsets has grown and changed into a touching and tragic full-length play that will be produced for the first time by Student Production. Playwright Matthew Keuter has written numerous plays while studying at ASU, yet After Sunsets will be the first showcase of his work on the Prism stage.

After Sunsets looks at the similarities between the beautiful imagery of the sunset and of human life. The seeming beauty of each character's life is contrasted with the hidden darkness that lies ahead. The characters Jamie and Katrina find the beauty of love yet discover the darkness in the fact that their love is not safe. Katrina must ask herself if she can continue to love someone who lives in a world of destruction and drinking, and Jamie and Katrina will find how long they can hold on to their love as they fall rapidly to darkness and defeat.

In his final semester at ASU, director Joseph Benesh wanted to find a play with which students and audiences in today's world truly could relate. After six months of searching through published, classical and original plays, he was struck by the message that this play conveys. Benesh says, "This play shows us the challenges of life, and in these challenges we may fail at times but those are chances that we should all be willing to take. We find light and beauty by accepting the darkness and fears within us all, and by taking in a few sunsets now and then."

After Sunsets is the final show of the Student Production spring 2003 Season. This season included a wide array of performance pieces and of classic and contemporary writings that ranged from the classic story Salome to the contemporary new writings of Neil Labute. Look for the upcoming shows of the fall season including The House of Yes, the collaborative dance work Fusion, and Steve Martin'sWASP. Thank you for supporting Student Production.

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Megan Krause