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Exciting summer dance workshops for children ages 7-10

April 01, 2003

WHAT: The Herberger College of Fine Arts Department of Dance at Arizona State University invites children ages 7-10 to explore the world of dance through a series of innovative and exciting workshops entitled, “Moving Inventors.”
Moving Inventors weekly summer camps are full of excitement and adventure. Each session allows children to study and reflect on science themes, cultural awareness and artistic expression through movement in new and exciting ways. Dynamic theme-based learning encourages investigation and discovery. Each session will culminate in a Moving Inventors gallery exhibit and informal performance for parents and friends.

All camps are led by experienced dance teachers and feature creative movement, music appreciation, craft activities, hands-on experiments, games and take-home projects. A daily snack is provided. 

Wild & Wet Water
June 2-6 9:30 a.m.– noon
How do raindrops form? What makes clouds turn into unusual shapes? Do snowflakes have different patterns? Find out why frost forms on the ground and how water changes shape, weight and density. This camp will explore the properties of water, weather systems and ecology and children will develop extreme weather dances. Participants research and investigate science themes, embody thunderstorms and tornadoes, waterways, the water cycle and design their own aquatic art to take home.

June 9-13 9:30 a.m.–noon
Travel the globe uncovering cultural traditions, folktales and social dances. Using guidebooks and maps, Moving Inventors will learn geography and cultural awareness through songs, games, crafts and folk dances from around the world. Campers research and study Africa, Brazil, Germany, Russia and the American Southwest through music, song and dance, which serve as inspiration for making their own cultural dances. Inventors will learn how to use compasses and have the opportunity to dance the “Tarantella”, “Korobushka” and the “D’Hammerschmiedsgselin,” and create their own cultural identity map to take home.

Lights Camera Action
June 16-20, 9:30 a.m.– noon 
Come to this camp ready for a starring role in your own dance video! Campers will create their own movies using digital video cameras and iMovie digital editing software. Our young dancers will discover how camera angles make people appear as large as giants or as small as bugs. Inventors learn basic video shooting and editing techniques to create and star in their own video dance to take home on CD-ROM. Please send your child to camp with a blank mini DV tape. 

Body Magnificent 
June 23-27 9:30 a.m.–noon 
Why do blood cells and germs fight inside you? Do you know the muscles you use when you hop, turn and leap? What do your bones do as you grow? This camp will venture within the human body and find out about muscles, bones, nerves and their purpose, and create body magnificent dances. Moving Inventors travel inside the body and participate in the “Bone Bingo Challenge,” “Thump Bump: Heart Rhythms at Play,” the “Nervous System Shuffle” and create 3-D bone sculptures to take home.

WHERE: Classes will be held in ASU’s Physical Education Building East, Room 190, on the ASU campus in Tempe. Metered parking is available just outside the dance studio.

HOW MUCH: Tuition is $100 per week or $360 for all four weeks, a 10 percent discount. Registration is $15.

CALL: For registration information, contact Mila Parrish at (480) 965-2512 or e-mail

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