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Explore your ASU campus: West

ASU’s West campus is patterned after the University of Oxford.
October 27, 2015

Located in northwest Phoenix, ASU’s West campus is home to nearly 9,000 students pursuing degrees in business, education, and interdisciplinary arts and science programs. Patterned after the University of Oxford, the campus architecture is designed to create a close-knit learning community.

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Charlie Leight

Senior photojournalist , ASU News


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Year One: Life at ASU — Hannah plays football

ASU freshmen Hannah Kiesling gets going on the gridiron
Year One: Life at ASU — Sorority life sends Hannah on the football field
October 27, 2015

Editor's note: "Year One: Life at ASU" is a periodic photo series following five freshmen navigating their first year at ASU. This installment checks in on Hannah Kiesling, a Barrett scholar majoring in nursing.

Hannah Kiesling's freshman year at Arizona State University is going better than she expected it would. "School is going great," said the freshman from Illinois. "I am honestly surprised how prepared I was for all my classes." It's one reason why she's been able to add social activities and experiences into her schedule, like joining a sorority.

Kiesling pledged and was accepted into the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority earlier this fall. As part of the group she participated in the recent War of the Roses flag football game that pits sororities against each other.

For fall break she surprised her family with a visit home, though the long weekend was quite a bit colder than her days at ASU's Downtown Phoenix campus.

Overall, "I have been able to manage really well, I think," she said. "I just do all my work right when I get it, and then I have time to do all the other fun activities in my schedule."