Devils in the Details is a conversation with experts from Arizona State University who are doing the work, the research, the collaboration that makes ASU the most innovative university in America. Learn more about a wide range of interesting things people are up to – the details, from the Devils doing the work.

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Editor's note: Please be advised, the following content contains sensitive topics. 

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ASU is launching a new laboratory dedicated to keeping our planet habitable and enhancing the options for future generations to thrive.

We sit down with Professor Edward Maguire of ASU's School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, a nationally known expert on police use of force, particularly at protests and during conflict.

Arizona State University has a very strong commitment to indigenous communities, in particular the Native American tribes in Arizona.

This episode is about life inside the classroom in the fall 2020 semester, told from the perspective of ASU faculty. They will be teaching both in-person and in the ASU Sync modality.

Arizona State University’s Health Services department plays a critical role in student success by helping them stay healthy and well, both physically and mentally.

Researchers at Arizona State University have developed the state’s first saliva-based test for COVID-19. The new saliva-based test is a game-changer for individuals who want to know whether they have an active COVID-19 infection.

SolarSPELL began in 2015 when Laura Hosman challenged her students to create a solar-powered library that would fit into a backpack.

Our guests are Julie Young, managing director of ASU Prep Academy and ASU Prep Digital, and Amy McGrath, chief operating officer of ASU Prep Digital. They talk with host Mi-Ai Parrish about the work being done by the ASU Prep Academy and ASU Prep Digital during this unprecedented tim

What will classes and campus life look like in Fall 2020? We walk through our plans, as they stand now, for the fall and how they impact students as well as faculty and staff.