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Ask an Ambassador

Ask an Ambassador is a newly created program through ASU’s Leadership, Diplomacy and National Security Lab. ASU’s ambassador-in-residence, who is located in Washington, D.C., provides assistance to students and helps answer questions about international affairs and diplomacy throughout the university’s enterprises.


Recent episodes

NASA's LunaH-Map mission is set to launch in fall 2022. The miniature spacecraft, built by an ASU team, is roughly the size of a large cereal box. LunaH-Map will orbit the moon, mapping water-ice in shadowed regions of the lunar south pole.

The Phi Gamma Delta chapter at ASU doubles down on community fundraising efforts after a successful philanthropy event called Shave to Save helped raise more than $63,000 for the Translational Genomics Research Institute’s Center for Rare Childhood Disorders.

Research opportunities are now more easily accessible for ASU Online students through a new seed-funded program dedicated to giving students a competitive edge.

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