Wall Street Journal ranks ASU 5th for recruiting new hires from graduate pool

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ASU ranks 5th on a list of the top universities favored by employers for job recruiting, according to a new survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal that aimed to identify “the majors and schools that best prepare students to land jobs that are satisfying, well-paid and have growth potential.”

ASU ranks behind Penn State, Texas A&M, University of Illinois and Purdue. All five universities were noted for their well-rounded and talented student body, along with their partnerships and close proximity to business communities that result in work-savvy students with a wide array of internship experience.

“Recruiters say graduates of top public universities are often among the most prepared and well-rounded academically, and companies have found they fit well into their corporate cultures and over time have the best track record in their firms,” writes Terri Evans of WSJ. “Employers also like schools where they can form partnerships that allow them to work with professors and their students, giving them an inside track when it comes time to make offers for internships and jobs.

“The impact on students is significant. Steve Canale, head of General Electric Co.’s recruiting efforts, said it is critical for prospective students to ask which companies recruit on campus before deciding where to matriculate.”

ASU especially was noted by a sample of recruiters for its strong ties between employees and professors.

Article source: Wall Street Journal

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