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Uber and Arizona State University Partnering to Create New Educational Opportunities for Drivers and their Families

Fully-funded tuition coverage creates new model for changing nature of work 

Why is Uber partnering with Arizona State University?

We are living in a time of rapid social and economic change. Advances in technology have played a key role in the development of new ways in how we communicate, live, work and learn.

Both Uber and ASU are dynamic, entrepreneurial enterprises that have embraced new technologies and influenced this changing world. Both are committed to pioneering new opportunities to help workers get ahead and provide for themselves and their families.

Together, Uber and ASU are partnering to expand opportunity for workers and their families. We are doing this out of a shared belief that flexibility, adaptability and the capacity to learn new skills are critical qualities to advance and succeed, today and in the future.

What is the new ASU and Uber Education Partnership?

Starting November 1, drivers who’ve completed at least 3,000 rides and achieved platinum or above status on Uber Pro will have the opportunity to obtain a fully-funded education at Arizona State University for themselves or a member of their family. They will be able to do so in two ways: online undergraduate degree programs through ASU Online for those who are admitted into ASU and non-degree certificate courses through ASU’s Continuing and Professional Education program. A driver or their family member will also have access to earned admission, through which they can begin to earn university credit before starting a degree program. This is an exclusive relationship between Uber and ASU.

The ASU and Uber education partnership begins with a pilot program for eligible drivers in eight locales: Chicago, Denver, New Jersey, New Orleans, Orlando, Phoenix, Seattle and Tampa. Download Full Image

What are the fees and costs for drivers?

The cost of tuition will be fully covered by Uber and ASU. In addition to contributions by Uber and ASU, tuition and related expenses will be covered by existing aid programs. Students are responsible for the cost of books, and any computers or technology services they may need. Once students graduate or complete professional development courses, they have no obligation to continue to drive for Uber.

How will this partnership help drivers or a family member earn a bachelor’s degree?

The ASU and Uber education partnership is designed to help drivers or a family member access and complete college or a non-degree certificate. While similar to ASU’s partnership with Starbucks, this expands on that successful relationship by allowing drivers to pass tuition coverage on to a family member. The partnership also provides eligible individuals with full tuition coverage to start on the path towards their degrees. In addition to financial support, ASU and Uber will provide success coaching and other support for students every stop along their journey, from enrollment through graduation.

What do Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi and ASU President Michael Crow say?

"Many people drive with Uber to support their ambitions, their families 一 or both," said Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber. "We are proud to partner with ASU to connect drivers and their families to high-quality educational opportunities that help them get ahead, in life and on the road."

“We are committed to pioneering new ways to increase access to higher education and enable more people to achieve their potential, personally and professionally,” said Michael Crow, president of ASU. “We are excited by this partnership with Uber and the role it can play in improving the lives not only of Uber drivers but also their family members.”

Where can you learn more?

Read the perspective of Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi and ASU President Michael Crow in their joint op-ed. In addition, we invite all eligible drivers and other interested parties to explore the educational options provided through this partnership by visiting

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