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Student enjoys range of opportunities, school spirit at ASU

February 11, 2011

Grace Hoy loved the sense of school spirit that she found at Arizona State University when she was in the process of choosing a college.

Hoy, a San Diego resident, considered small, private schools in California before finalizing her decision to go to ASU. She chose ASU over schools such as Pepperdine University and Chapman University because of the wide range of opportunities offered at ASU and the fact that everyone she met during her visit in 2009 was happy to be at the university.

“It seemed like there were a lot of great things going on at ASU,” she said.

Although ASU is larger than her high school of about 700 students, she discovered a place where professors provide one-on-one assistance, staff is helpful at the W.P. Carey School of Business where she is majoring in marketing and there is a plethora of student organizations.

“It was a little intimidating at first because I went to a smaller high school, but finding my way and getting involved was much easier than I anticipated. Living in the Barrett complex and being part of the W. P. Carey Academy were instrumental in making me feel welcome and that I belonged here.”

Hoy quickly found excitement at ASU with all of the opportunities available, the wide range of classes, activities at places such as the Memorial Union, access to incredible libraries and the people she works with at the W.P. Carey School of Business. Resources at ASU are “fantastic” with tutoring help, advising and business career services a sampling of services that are available.

“All of the advisors are approachable and really nice,” she said. “I’ve always felt like I wasn’t just a number. I feel like teachers are available to the students. The W. P. Carey Academy is a great community of staff and students, and I really feel like I belong here.”

It did happen to be 109 degrees on her first day at ASU, but she quickly adjusted to the heat.

“You just sort of get used to it,” she said.

After going home to California and experiencing rain almost every day over winter break, Hoy was more than ready to come back to Arizona.

“I was really ready to come back to the sun,” she said. “It makes for a happier environment.”

Living at the new Barrett, the Honors College community has been great for Hoy who has met many people through activities such as professional social events that teach students skills while socializing. An etiquette dinner at University Club prepped participating students on skills for future meetings and interviews.

“It’s easy to get involved in organizations, and opportunities for leadership and growth are abundant at ASU,” Hoy said.

As a peer programmer in the Barrett Business Community, she co-programs events for the honors business residential community. She organizes community-building events for the 150 residents focusing on social and academic activities and acts as a peer mentor. Hoy is also a member of Colleges Against Cancer, Gammage Ambassadors and the Young Life Christian organization.

“I believe in embracing the opportunities that come my way.  I only have four years in college and want to make the most of every experience. I consistently try to enrich my college experience through getting involved in clubs that I am interested in and believe in, while having a positive impact on my school community,” she said.

With a broad range of opportunities available at ASU, Hoy is focusing her sights on learning and connecting with others before she graduates in two years. Her career aspirations are to land a job in marketing in the entertainment industry and she already has a foot in the door as a Campus Crew representative for ABC. She promotes the network at ASU through on campus screenings, events and giveaways.

“It’s so easy to get involved and help the community. When I graduate, I hope to be able to say that I’ve had many broad experiences while expanding my perspective, and appreciated every moment that I was here,” she said.