Startup Weekend Phoenix gets support from ASU entrepreneur

February 27, 2014

Arizona professionals gathered in Phoenix last week for Startup Weekend Phoenix – a 54-hour event that offers entrepreneurs, developers, designers and marketers the chance to collaborate, share and develop ideas, and, most importantly, launch startups.

Sean Coleman, a faculty associate in The Design School, within ASU's Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, was among them. Download Full Image

Coleman, who teaches DSC 394: Design & Entrepreneurship in Society and is a project manager for GoDaddy, was selected to serve as part of a small group of mentors for the event.

In his class at ASU, design students learn both the art and science of startups, as they must "identify, develop and launch an entrepreneurial venture that solves real customer problems and creates real value for its founders and society at large," says Coleman.

"Design students have the opportunity to leverage design thinking and creative approaches to solving customer problems," he says.

Getting people to think creatively around problems was just one part of Coleman's coaching gig at Startup Weekend Phoenix, which took place Feb. 21-23 at Coplex in Tempe.

He says encouraging people to stick to a roadmap of deliverables – specific tasks with deadlines in order to "get stuff done" – is a big part in mentoring the event.

Coleman says he also finds that teams "generally need a lot of help around the areas of market validation (especially with primary research), product scoping and crafting the case for their project."

After a 54-hour frenzy of networking, workshopping and troubleshooting, Startup Weekend Phoenix culminates in a series of presentations before a group of local entrepreneurial leaders, including Coleman, for yet another opportunity for feedback.

And feedback is important, as Coleman well knows. One segment of his course at ASU is giving students the opportunity to present their work to external groups.

When it comes to coaching and teaching, getting people to think critically about what they are doing is essential.

"You want to avoid answering how questions, and pose why questions instead," says Coleman.

Britt Lewis

Communications Specialist, ASU Library

Asian Pacific American celebration events highlight art, music, cuisine and more

February 27, 2014

The first annual Asian Pacific American (APA) celebration will highlight Asian Pacific American cultures through March 7 across ASU's four campuses. The festivities will honor the many peoples of Asian and Asian Pacific American descent and highlight the histories, art, music, cuisine and social movements that embody the heritage of Asian Pacific American cultures.

“The APA Celebration is an opportunity for the entire ASU community to learn and celebrate Asian Pacific American cultures," said Sharon Torres, coordinator for Student & Cultural Engagement. Asian Pacific American Heritage Celebration flier Download Full Image

With a mission to spread awareness of Asian cultures present at ASU, the Asian and Asian Pacific American Student Coalition has planned and coordinated educational, social and service events.

"This is an excellent opportunity for the student body of Arizona State University to embrace the APA culture that exists at ASU," said Jeffrey Q. Nguyen, president of the Asian and Asian Pacific American Students' Coalition of ASU. "Unique events allow for multiple student-run organizations within the coalition to express their sense of pride and tradition."

Planned events include:

Thursday, Feb. 27

AAPASC at Worldfest
Community Festival
11 a.m.-1 p.m., Student Services Lawn, Tempe campus
In partnership with International Student Engagement

Come and celebrate the heritage and traditions of global cultures at the Community World Festival. Visit the AAPASC table for fun activities and to learn more about all the events happening in commemoration of ASU’s inaugural Asian Pacific American Heritage Celebration.

AAPASC at Thing on Thursday
4:30-7p.m., Polytechnic campus
In partnership with the College of Technology and Innovation and Student Engagement at Polytechnic

Be a part of the celebration of world cultures at the World Fest edition of this weekly program at ASU Polytechnic campus. Stop by the AAPASC table to take part in exciting activities and to learn more about the Asian Pacific American Heritage Celebration.

Friday, Feb. 28

Asian Pacific American Heritage Celebration at MU After Dark
8p.m.-1 a.m., Memorial Union, Tempe campus

Bowling? Check. Billiards Tournament? Check. Outdoor movie? Check. Comedy Show? Check. Arts and Crafts? Check. An exhilarating Jeopardy Game? Check. Free to all? Check and check. There is something for everyone at this Asian Pacific American edition of MU After Dark, so come out and play.

Saturday, March 1

AAPASC at Night of the Open Door
Tempe campus

Celebrate the sciences, culture, engineering, humanities and the arts at ASU’s largest open house event. Stop by the Cultural Exchange Zone to watch cultural performances by Asian Pacific Islander students. Visit the AAPASC table to take your pick of games, puzzles and toys to create your own adventure bag.

Monday, March 3

Global Café Panel Discussion
5-7p.m., Memorial Union Art Cafe, Tempe campus

In partnership with Black History Month and Womyn's Herstory Month, "Lies My Teacher Told Me and Truths Nobody Bothered Mentioning" is a discussion that will clarify some of the inconsistencies from our history lessons and bring to light the inspiring stories of significant figures who never made it on the pages of our history books. By highlighting the positive contributions of unsung heroes throughout the histories of various cultures, we will honor the richness of our heritage and embrace the possibilities of our future.

Tuesday, March 4

AAPASC at Womyn's Festival
11 a.m.-1p.m., Hayden Lawn, Tempe campus
In partnership with Womyn’s Herstory Month

A showcase of women's organizations across the university, this event is a celebration of our stories through music, dance and food.

Wednesday, March 5

Tony DiAngelo Lecture on Tribal Leadership
5-8p.m., Memorial Union Alumni Lounge, Tempe campus

Thursday, March 6

Passport to Asia and the Pacific Isles
4-6:30 p.m., Kiva Courtyard, West campus

In partnership with CCI West and the Office of Public Affairs, Pearls of Asia and the Pacific Isles will feature a panel discussion centered on the issues faced by Asian and Pacific Islander communities. The discussion will be followed by an Asian cuisine-inspired reception accompanied by music and dance performances. By celebrating the richness of our heritage and examining the challenges we encounter as a people, we hope to build solidarity through dialogue and inspire others to rise above the struggles and beyond the divide.

East Meets West Wellness
7-8 p.m., Memorial Union Art Cafe, Tempe campus
In partnership with MU Wellness

Explore the benefits of Eastern Medicine by learning about acupuncture and tai chi from field experts. Enjoy Asian-inspired refreshments and create your own feng shui piece to bring harmony and balance to your home or workplace.

Friday, March 7

Shaved Ice Social
1-3p.m., Tempe campus

A twist to the old-fashioned ice cream social, this event is the perfect way to take a break from your busy schedule and indulge in a refreshing treat, engage in fun activities and hang out with cool people.

For more information, contact Gloria Noronha-Peschau at 480-727-0840.