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Regents: No tuition increase for ASU resident undergrads

April 06, 2012

The Arizona Board of Regents voted April 5 to approve ASU President Michael Crow's recommendation that the university freeze tuition and fees next year for in-state undergraduate students – a first in 20 years.

Resident undergraduate base tuition and fees remain the same for the coming academic year at ASU at $9,720.

Approved tuition increases for non-resident undergraduate and all graduate students are the lowest rate increase in over eight years.

Non-resident undergraduate students will pay three percent more, or $22,973.

 Resident and non-resident graduate students at ASU will see an approximately three percent increase in tuition and mandatory fees. ASU resident graduate students will pay $10, 512 and non-resident graduate students will pay $25,060.  

ASU is committed to quality and affordability for its students. Sound fiscal planning and greater operating efficiencies on the part of the university lead to ASU's tuition proposal, which the Regents approved.

As a state university ASU’s commitment to the highest quality and most affordable education is foremost for those from Arizona, and the university is committed to establishing the lowest rates for all students, consistent with maintaining quality and affordability.

With these new rates, tuition at ASU remains lower than the median of its peer institutions. Resident and non-resident undergraduate base tuition and fees also were set for ASU Colleges at Lake Havasu City at $6,060 and $9,060, respectively.

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