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Professors edit 'Handbook of Adult Resilience'

January 28, 2010

ASU School of Public Affairs professor John S. Hall, ASU School of Psychology professors John W. Reich, and Alex J. Zautra, are editors for the recently published "The Handbook of Adult Resilience" (Guilford Press, 2010).

An excerpt from the book's cover jacket says, "What enables people to bounce back from stressful experiences? How do certain individuials maintain a sense of purpose and direction over the long term, even in the face of adversity? Addressing these and other critical questions, this is the first book to move  beyond childhood and adolescence to explore processes of resilience across the lifespan. Authoritative, timely, and forward thinking, the volume presents the best current research on the topic. Contributions also describe how the research is being translated into real-world practices to enhance adaptation and well-being."