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Online degree offerings now include criminology

July 13, 2010

ASU is offering a new online Bachelor of Science degree in criminology and criminal justice for the upcoming fall semester.

“We’ve created a remarkable online program,” said Scott Decker, director of ASU’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice. “It offers the same quality, extraordinary faculty and program requirements as the classroom degree, with all the convenience that online students need for ongoing career and family responsibilities. Most importantly, we’ll be creating incredible learning experiences that lead to new career opportunities for our students.”

Beginning in August, tuition for students enrolled entirely in online undergraduate degree programs will be $325 per credit hour, excluding fees. This rate applies to both resident and non-resident students and is more affordable than similar programs at other institutions.

"The online degree offers students the chance to earn an ASU degree with the same high quality curriculum and faculty as the campus degree," Decker said. "Students whose job, military obligation or location prevented them from attending ASU can now earn an ASU degree with all of the benefits that go along with it. We are especially pleased that this degree will serve the needs of law enforcement, corrections and other criminal justice personnel."

Samuel Pena is enrolling in the program this fall. 

“The online criminology and criminal justice program at ASU was an excellent option for me," Pena said. "Having to work full-time as the sole provider for myself and my son, I am now able to attend a school with one of the best criminal justice programs in the country and can do it all online. It’s an opportunity too great to pass up."

Leading employment analysts project rapid and sustained job growth over the next several years in professions related to law enforcement, corrections and private security. Offered through ASU’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, this program is designed to equip and competitively position ASU graduates for successful careers as law enforcement practitioners or in seeking a law or graduate degree.

For enrollment applications and program details, click here.
Dana Berchman,
ASU College of Public Programs