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Nutrition Degrees Offered at ASU's Polytechnic campus

May 17, 2000

As the percentage of the population age 55 and older increases, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) anticipates that the demand for qualified nutritionists is going to increase.

In response, the well-established nutrition programs currently being offered at Arizona State University Main through the Department of Family Resources and Human Development will become bachelor's and master's degree programs to be offered in the fall at ASU's Polytechnic campus. In addition, nutrition will become a department in its new home in School of Applied Arts & Sciences at the Polytechnic campus.

"We watch employment trends very closely," said David Schwalm, ASU's Polytechnic campus vice provost and dean of School of Applied Arts & Sciences. "The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts steady growth of the demand for all nutrition-related occupations through 2006."

The BLS expects even more than the average number of job opportunities for nutritionists in Arizona and other areas where retirees and seasonal visitors add to the general population. Physicians' offices and clinics, contract food providers, nursing homes and residential care facilities are only a few examples of employers already seeking qualified nutritionists, explained Schwalm.

"With the growth in this area, nutrition students and prospective students will find the new bachelor's and master's degrees more attractive," said Schwalm. Students currently enrolled in the nutrition programs on the Main campus will be able to choose to complete the current curriculum requirements or transfer into the new Bachelor of Science or Master of Science in Nutrition in the fall.

"This focus blends very nicely with our current planning for a new program in human health," Schwalm said. "We look forward with enthusiasm to welcoming the nutrition faculty and students to our campus."

In January, the Arizona Board of Regents approved the implementation of the new degree programs in nutrition as well as the establishment of the Department of Nutrition in School of Applied Arts & Sciences.