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Mexican diplomat visits law class

December 03, 2008

Carlos Flores Vizcarra, the Consul General of Mexico for Arizona and Nevada, was a guest speaker in professor Orde Felix Kittrie's U.S.-Mexico Business Transactions seminar at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law on Tuesday, Dec. 2. The session with Flores Vizcarra was focused on the students' seminar papers. Each student summarized their topic and posed questions about it to Flores Vizcarra, who spent several minutes sharing his insights on each topic.

"Consul General Flores Vizcarra is the Mexican government's leading expert on the extensive business ties between Arizona and Mexico," Kittrie said. "This was a wonderful opportunity for the students to complement with a hands-on and Mexican governmental perspective the book, article and internet research they have done for their papers."

Flores Vizcarra addressed topics ranging from Mexican intellectual property law to the investment climate in Mexico to ways of mitigating the negative impacts of the North American Free Trade Agreement on rural and indigenous Mexicans.

Flores Vizcarra has represented Mexico in Arizona since 1991. Prior to that, he served as a Mexican Congressman. Kittrie, a Mexican-American, serves as chair of the Hispanic Law Program task force at the law school. He previously served on the board of the Los Abogados Hispanic Bar Association of Arizona and as President of the Hispanic National Bar Association's Southwest Region.

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