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Lecture Series brings top evolutionary experts to ASU

January 16, 2009

ASU Darwinfest brings to Arizona some of the top thinkers in evolutionary theory and biology from around the world. ASU Darwinfest connects with the global celebration of Darwin’s birth and how the expression of radical thinking, scientific and technological enterprise can and have changed the world.

February speakers include luminaries in philosophy, paleontology, anthropology, history of science and biology, and include Hollywood filmmaker.

Events incorporate a book signing, panel discussions, movies and a series of talks by:

• Feb. 5: Randy Olson: “Don’t be such a scientist.”
• Feb. 6: Michael Ruse: “Is Darwinism past its 'sell by' date?”
• Feb. 9: Bernard Wood: “On the origin of our species: Darwin and human evolution.”
• Feb. 10: Nina Jablonski: “Darwin’s birthday suit: The evolution of skin and skin color.”
• Feb. 18: Daniel Dennett: “Darwin’s strange inversion of reasoning.”
• Feb. 27: Eric Davidson: “Gene regulatory networks in development and evolution.”

These innovative talks tackle questions about communication of science, Darwin, human evolution, genetics and evolutionary theory, whether color is skin deep and other provocative topics, and, in fun ways, including through movies “Sizzle: A Global Warming Comedy” and “Flock of Dodos” shown Feb. 4 and Feb. 5 by filmmaker Randy Olson.

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