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Leadership in International Management Program Builds Momentum

December 18, 2006
Collectively, faculty members at the School of Global Management and Leadership speak more than 26 languages and have visited at least 100 countries. And considering that more than 38 percent of School's faculty was born outside the United States, further extending the school’s global reach seemed to be a no-brainer.Excelling students in the School are giving the school’s new Bachelor of Science degree program, Leadership in International Management (LIM), high marks and School officials are equally impressed with the program which allows students to study abroad in Technologico de Monterrey, the premier business school in Mexico. Jane Carey, associate professor and director of Undergraduate Global Business Programs and Assessment at the School of Global Management and Leadership notes the LIM is a perfect fit for its business students. “This degree program leverages the global strength of our faculty and provides students an opportunity to study in one of the finest programs we offer,” Carey said. “The LIM is what it takes to have a stand-out international degree programs.”Upper division course sequence for the LIM program includes traditional business courses with a global emphasis as well as courses that specifically focus on leadership and international topics. As part of the admission requirements for the LIM program, 16 credit hours of Spanish are required. As the program expands, additional languages will be considered, but for the first formative years, the language requirement and the study abroad component will be focused on Spanish and a semester in Mexico. “This is an elite program,” said Carey, adding the LIM was supported by top government officials, agencies and industries, and approved by the Arizona Board of Regents in December 2005.

Carey notes the LIM program has a strong leadership component, and selecting students with a strong academic record in their lower-division preparation enables the program to foster a rich and challenging academic environment for the development of future global leaders. “We have already started to get noticed with inquiries about the LIM program,” Carey said. “We are creating a true exchange with Technologico students coming here and even sponsoring some faculty exchanges. There is really no downside to this program. Students get to experience true international cultures and diversity while learning. We are very excited to offer this opportunity.”