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Law professor interviewed on 'Culture Shocks' radio program

Laurence Winer
September 09, 2011

Professor Laurence Winer was interviewed, along with Nina J. Crimm, Professor of Law at Washington University, on “Culture Shocks”, a radio program that investigates issues and trends in today’s culture.

The interview offered a look into the controversial practice of houses of worship participating in political speech, as well as analyzed problems stemming from federal tax subsidies benefitting nonprofit houses of worship.

Rev. Barry Lynn, host of “Culture Shocks” and a frequent guest on shows such as Fox’s “O’Reilly Factor” and CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360”, interviewed Winer in November 2010, after the release of Winer and Crimm’s book, Politics, Taxes, and the Pulpit: Provocative First Amendment Conflicts (Oxford University Press).

To listen to the interview, click here.

Winer teaches courses in Telecommunications and Media Law, Constitutional Law, Ideas of the First Amendment, Law & Ethics of Lawyering, Torts, Analytical Methods for Lawyers, and Defamation & Privacy. His major scholarship focuses on the First Amendment and government regulation of the media and includes published articles, amicus briefs and various government filings.