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Karin featured in 'Huffington Post' blog

October 30, 2012

Marcy Karin, associate clinical professor of law and director of the Work-Life Policy Unit of the Civil Justice Clinic, wrote a blog post titled, “Reasonable Break Time Provided Amidst the Breastfeeding Media Craze.” It was posted on Oct. 24, in The Huffington Post.

Karin’s post is in response to the media blitz in 2012 regarding studies on breastfeeding and rights to break time to express breast milk for up to one year after delivery.

Among other things, Karin wrote about studies that demonstrate harm to the milk supply of nursing mothers who are not provided reasonable breaks and comfortable locations to express. Lawmakers and the U.S. Surgeon General,
hope to solve this problem with the new reasonable break times.

“The Department of Labor should take advantage of this string of high-profile media stories involving breastfeeding and issue guidance on this law as well as highlight other best practices that businesses have voluntarily undertaken that go above and beyond these new requirements,” Karin said. “Employers, managers, and nursing mothers need clarity.”

To read the post, click here.

Karin teaches courses on workplace flexibility law and policy, employment law and policy, and legislation. She also supervises and instructs student attorneys working on behalf of clients in the Civil Justice Clinic.