Innovative tech firm moves into ASU SkySong

<p>Predictive Technologies announced that it has completed the relocation of its corporate headquarters to SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center, becoming the latest addition to the center’s roster of innovative early-stage companies.<br />&nbsp;<br />Predictive Technologies&nbsp;will&nbsp;occupy&nbsp;accelerator space on the second floor of Building I of the complex and&nbsp;is already working to leverage their new location to create connections to their fellow SkySong companies, as well as Arizona State University.<br />&nbsp;<br />“Our new corporate offices will allow our company to create synergies with faculty, research and the dozens of technology companies based at Skysong," said Predictive Technologies CEO and President Jorge de los Santos. “We are delighted with the vast resources afforded to us through the partnership we enjoy with SkySong and ASU.”</p><separator></separator><p>“We are very pleased to add yet another company to our unique environment of collaboration and innovation," said Julia Rosen, ASU associate vice president for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. “With their work in the education technology field, they are also an important addition to our growing SkySong Education Innovation Network.”</p><separator></separator><p>"Predictive Technologies will complement the nascent technology cluster at SkySong related to education,” said Sharon Harper, president and CEO of Plaza Companies, one of Skysong co-developers. “We know they are a growing company and we know that SkySong will accelerate their growth."</p><separator></separator><p><strong>About Predictive Technologies Corporation </strong></p><separator></separator><p><a href="">Predictive Technologies Corporation</a> develops web-based open collaboration platforms. These platforms facilitate data collection, analysis and visualization by utilizing proprietary software, customized algorithms and multiple data sources. The predictions and recommendations are easy to understand and make the decision process more manageable for clients.

 ABACUS is Predictive's information management platform for education. It allows for the integration of data across different software platforms and facilitates comparisons among different school districts, schools, classes, teachers and students. ABACUS can easily keep track of grades and scores for both teachers and students. It can automatically identify trends and causes for student and teacher performance, and provide personalized recommendations for improvement to superintendents, principals, teachers, parents and students. ABACUS also provides a mechanism for feedback and evaluation of curriculum, teachers and schools.<br />&nbsp;<br /><strong>About ASU SkySong</strong></p><separator></separator><p>SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center, offers comprehensive business development assistance, as well as a portal to the resources and services of Arizona State University. ASU SkySong supports new technology start-ups with office space, access to business services and continuing training geared toward local innovators and global firms seeking to start operations in the United States.</p>