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Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts presents 'SCHREIBSTÜCK'

March 22, 2011

Artists from the ASU Herberger Institute present SCHREIBSTÜCK, a performance based on a score by Thomas Lehmen. The project is the result of a cross-institute collaboration. Produced by the ASU School of Dance, three interpretations are performed together in a canon structure.

The faculty team directed by Karen Schupp, School of Dance, features Tom Hartman, The Design School, Jake Pinholster, School of Theatre and Film and Richard Mook, School of Music, the graduate team directed by Crystal Bedford are all dance graduate students, and the undergraduate team is directed by Alyssa Gersony and Corinne Boccinno, School of Dance with undergraduates from the Schools of Art, Music, and Theatre and Film.

The piece is designed to illuminate similarities and differences in cultural assumptions and contexts, but essentially is a very poignant evocation of the multiplicity of attitudes, concerns and perspectives that determine what we are as human beings, and of course what connects us across the Herberger Institute. The performance contains adult themes and language.

Each interpretation of the SCHREIBSTÜCK is made without access to the other teams, and the resulting versions reveal the various creative strategies and aesthetic and cultural choices each group determines in handling the proposed themes and structure of the piece.

Thomas Lehmen is one of Europe’s most influential dance makers, whose choreographic work tends to continuously circle around questions of presence, or how to overcome or transgress conventions of the stage.

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