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Danielle McBurnett, BSN

May 10, 2009

Youngest Student Nurse Graduates at 17

Danielle McBurnett, 17, is the youngest Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) graduate in the history of ASU. To say she has accomplished a lot in a short time does not do her justice.

At age 15, Danielle earned an Associate degree with highest distinction with a 4.0 GPA from Chandler-Gilbert Community College. She repeated that performance by graduating summa cum laude with her BSN from the ASU College of Nursing & Healthcare Innovation on May 13. As a person who always plans ahead, Danielle already has been accepted in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program at ASU for next fall semester.

“Early on I chose not to be limited by the day I was born (March 1992),” she says. “Rather than be limited by my young age, I strive to achieve my goals, because by the grace of God, I have been given the capability to do so.”

Danielle McBurnett also has held leadership positions in the Student Nursing Association, served as Polytechnic Student Representative to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, and taken part in the YMCA Youth and Government program that teaches leadership through political involvement and advocacy.

With a youth filled with accomplishments, Danielle continues to focus on the future. “I want to reach my goal of becoming a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner,” McBurnett stated. “My success so far is evidence that age does not have to be an obstacle in achieving your dreams.”

The eldest of four children of Ray and Lori McBurnett of Chandler, Danielle makes decisions quickly. “I knew I wanted to be a nurse at age 10,” Danielle explained. “I liked science and always wanted to help people as long as I can remember.”