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Calling all cooks: Eight collects recipes for latest cookbook in series

August 09, 2006

Matthew Walton, associate general counsel at ASU, makes a dynamite asparagus salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing, goat cheese and walnuts.

Those that want the recipe, however, will have to buy “S is for Salads,” a cookbook produced last year by Eight/KAET-TV.

Walton submitted his recipe at the suggestion of his administrative associate, Debra Scordato, who formerly worked at Eight, and he was one of several cooks invited to prepare his recipe on the air during “Eight Cooks.”

Walton says he wasn't intimidated about being on a television show.

“The only thing I was nervous about was sweating on camera,” he says. “But they have a makeup that keeps you from sweating.”

Walton enjoys cooking and usually prepares meals on Sundays.

“We try to do something nice for Sunday dinner,” he says.

He's been making his asparagus salad for a while, but just started using red raspberry vinaigrette dressing on it.

“It's colorful and good for the holidays,” he notes.

Walton says his son, Kenny, 11, and daughter, AJ, 14, were thrilled that he was chosen to be on the show.

“They got to watch the piece, and they got a tour a tour of the station,” he says.

Eight/KAET is collecting recipes for a book titled “E is for Entertaining,” which will be unveiled during the station's October membership drive.

As is customary, every recipe and tip for entertaining submitted for “E for Entertaining” will be included in the cookbook.

When the deadline for submitting recipes is past (this year it's Aug. 19), Barbara Pool Fenzl, owner of Les Gourmettes Cooking School , and Eight producer Henry Brodersen will go through the recipes and select those to be prepared on the live Oct. 7 broadcast.

Eight has produced six cookbooks so far, including “A is for Appetizers,” “D is for Desserts,” “H is for Hot & Spicy,” “I is for International,” “S is for Salads” and “M is for Mom's Favorite Recipe.”

Each cookbook has more than 100 recipes submitted from viewers all across Arizona .

Marilyn Wurzburger, ASU Special Collections librarian, has had two recipes published in Eight cookbooks but has never prepared them on camera.

Wurzburger contributed a recipe for “A is for Appetizers,” and her chicken tetrazzini recipe, handed down from her mother, Madge Menchoff, was in “M is for Mom's Favorite Recipe.”

“It's one of our favorites and we have it frequently,” says Wurzburger, who was a Pillsbury Bake-Off finalist twice and won several local cooking contests many years ago.

“I have copies of nearly all the Eight cookbooks and have tried some of the recipes, she says. “I think it's fun to see names of people I know who are contributors.”

“E is for Entertaining,” as well as copies of the past cookbooks, will be available for a donation of $60 for one cookbook or $100 for two. There also is a CD containing several cookbooks, for a donation of $90.

Recipes, and tips for entertaining, for “E is for Entertaining” can be submitted online at (, or by mail to: Eight Cooks, Eight/KAET-TV, ASU, Tempe , AZ 85287-1405 .