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ASU's Homeowner Advocacy Unit featured in Valley media

Mary Ellen Natale
September 07, 2011

ASU's Homeowner Advocacy Unit of the College of Law, a program that helps families facing wrongful foreclosure of their homes, has been the topic of several news stories following the announcement of its mission.

In response to the foreclosure crisis, student attorneys enrolled in the new program, part of the Civil Justice Clinic, works with clients who have been victims of mortgage fraud or are facing a wrongful foreclosure.

Details about the program, which started with a grant from the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, aired on PBS “Horizon” on Aug. 25 and on Channel 12 on Sept. 5.

Mary Ellen Natale, Director of the program, along with students Barbara Strnad and Kyle Robertson, was interviewed by both stations,

Natale was also quoted by AGBeat Real Estate News on Aug. 27, the Associated Press and KPHO on Aug. 25. The State Press on Aug. 31. included law students April Sanchez and Sally Colton. 

If you are a homeowner with mortgage problems or are facing foreclosure, contact the Arizona Foreclosure Task Force for assistance at 1-877-448-1211 or visit the task force website at