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ASU film students continue to receive top prizes at national film festivals

May 21, 2012

ASU School of Theatre and Film students continue to win acclaim at national student film festivals with three films taking awards at the Campus MovieFest in Hollywood June 21-23.

The Campus festival celebrates the top student films from across the globe and has ASU film students within reach of attaining their 15 into 50 goal to place at least 15 ASU School of Theatre and Film student films in 50 national-level competitions this year.

The films to be screened at the Campus MovieFest are:

"Peeception," directors Dallas Campbell and Brandon Johnson, which won first place

• "Blood Money," directors Jonathan Millard with Chandellor Lastra, Logan Highlen, Rosemary Talavera and Tim Valdisera, which won Best Drama

• "Miles to Math," directed by Andrew Franz and Treve Heltemes, Best Comedy.

Nine other films written, directed, produced, crewed and in some cases acted by School of Theatre and Film students have also been screened in student film festivals for the 2011-2012 academic year with some earning top awards.
Those include:

• "The Understudy," director Hayley Kosan, Best Director (Hayley Kosan) and Best Cinematography (Ryan Zweig), Columbia University National Undergraduate Film Festival; Top 20 Fan Favorites, Film Festival

• "Cadet," director Ryan Steiner, 1st Place Fan Favorite, Top 20 Judges' Favorites, Film Festival.

• "Good Injuns," director Chris Meyers, Second Place Fan Favorite, Top 20 Judges' Favorites, Film Festival

• "The Fixer," director Nicholas Mimh, Top 20 Fan Favorites, Top 20 Judges' Favorites, Film Festival

• "Strings," director Kimberly Aiello, Top 20 Fan Favorite, Film Festival

• "The Atheist," director Conrad Miszuk, Cinequest Film Festival, Official Selection

• "Sacrificios," director Miguel Munguia, Phoenix College Latino Film Festival, participant

• "El Sueno," director Daniel Tantalean. Phoenix College Latino Film Festival, participant.

• "A K'night Lost in Translation," director Sergio Gomez. San Diego Latino Film Festival, participant.

"Once again, we see the extraordinary work our students are capable of here at ASU,” says F. Miguel Valenti, Lincoln Professor of Ethics and the Arts and founder of the film and media production programs. “The growing number of national awards is testimony to their talent, our faculty and our program. We are very proud."