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ASU draws attention for sustainability efforts

December 20, 2006

The Christian Science Monitor is taking a closer look at ASU’s focus on sustainability, including the launch of the nation’s first School of Sustainability.

In “ ‘Sustainability' gains status on US campuses,” published in the Dec. 19 issue, the CSM highlights how ASU is leading a trend of universities in focusing on environmental and global sustainability.

An excerpt from the CSM and republished in the USA Today:

“Somewhere in the curriculum, most colleges and universities include Henry David Thoreau. Now, many of them are trying to emulate him.

Yes, sweeping the academic world is Walden Pond 101: the art of living in a sustainable manner. Think environmental and social responsibility.

One of the best examples of the ivory tower's effort to tread lightly on the land is at Arizona State University. Next month, ASU will inaugurate the nation's first School of Sustainability - whose classes will look at everything from water scarcity to urban air quality problems.”

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