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Community college transfers triumph at ASU spring graduation

Portrait of Peyton Jergenson

Peyton Jergenson attributes much of her success to the MyPath2ASU program for helping her navigate the initial transfer process all the way to graduation.

April 25, 2024

Peyton Jergenson's transfer journey from Glendale Community College (GCC) to Arizona State University, set to culminate this semester as she graduates with her a degree in kinesiology, underscores the pivotal role of family and determination in shaping her path.

Alongside many other Maricopa Community College transfers earning their degree from ASU this spring, she attributes much of her success to the MyPath2ASU program for helping her navigate the initial transfer process all the way to graduation.

In 2020, Jergenson chose to study kinesiology due to her grandmother's battle with brain cancer and a traumatic brain injury. As she cared for her grandmother, she realized her career goals aligned with kinesiology's focus on physical well-being.

Choosing GCC for its proximity to home and the Presidential Scholarship, Jergenson soon became part of the honors program and Phi Theta Kappa for scholarships and networking opportunities. 

Thanks in part to the Maricopa County Community College District MyPath2ASU program, transitioning to ASU was a natural progression. The program provides students attending Maricopa Community Colleges a seamless route, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transfer.

“It guaranteed my acceptance into the program I wanted to be in," Jergenson said, "and it made it so I knew what I needed to take and when I needed to take it.”

Jergenson’s ASU experience revolves around networking and organizations like Devils Adapt, Next Generation Service Corps, Management Leadership for Tomorrow and Venture Devils. She also serves as a community assistant.

Jergenson’s advice for new transfer students is straightforward but impactful: "Network and seize every opportunity you can."

Post graduation, Jergenson plans to pursue sports law and business in graduate school, complemented by a certificate in informatics, supported by her impressive scholarship earnings.

Graduating this semester, the following transfer students from Maricopa Colleges all simplified their transfer process using the MyPath2ASU program.

 Jacob Stillwell, Mesa Community College to ASU 

Selfie shot of Jacob Stillwell doing the forks up hand sign in an outdoor setting
Jacob Stillwell

Inspired by a conversation with an ASU researcher, Jacob Stillwell shifted from music production to civil engineering before ultimately finding his calling in conservation biology.

Mesa Community College provided the flexibility for Stillwell to explore his interests in education. Then, utilizing MyPath2ASU, Stillwell was able to benefit from a smooth transfer process, ensuring a timely graduation for the spring semester.

At ASU, Stillwell has enjoyed diverse electives and research opportunities, including studying AI for ecological research.

His advice to new transfer students: "Don't skip intro transfer videos! Take notes and master the electronic resources."

James Schafnit — Scottsdale Community College to ASU            

Selfie shot of James Schafnit
James Schafnit

James Schafnit, the first in his family to earn a college degree, will be graduating this spring from ASU after transferring from Scottsdale Community College (SCC)

Working in the solar industry after high school, Schafnit returned to education later in life, initially completing an associate degree at SCC before transferring to ASU for his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering.

Reflecting on his path, Schafnit said, "College wasn't right for me directly after high school. I was too wild. But as I made a good career for myself in my 20s, I realized I wanted more out of my future."

Schafnit recommends community college for its affordability and flexibility, especially for those reentering education after a break. "It's a great way to get reacquainted with an educational setting," he said.

Donna Prado — Glendale Community College to ASU

Selfie shot of Donna Prado
Donna Prado

Donna Prado's journey from Glendale Community College (GCC) to ASU reflects the profound impact of familial support and a commitment to pursuing higher education.

Inspired by her parents' aspirations for a better life and their determination to provide educational opportunities they themselves never had, Prado was motivated to pursue higher education. Guided by her sister's successful transfer journey from GCC to ASU, Prado found encouragement from the wealth of transfer information available on ASU's website, which ultimately solidified her decision to attend community college.

During her time at GCC, Prado actively participated in the honors program to enrich her community college experience and further her academic pursuits. With a passion for the criminal justice field and a recognition of its vital role in communities, Prado chose her major with purpose and dedication.

With a desire to remain true to her Arizona roots and stay close to home, Prado decided the vibrant Sun Devil community was the right fit for her. MyPath2ASU provided her with invaluable guidance, simplifying the transfer process and ensuring a smooth transition to ASU.

“MyPath2ASU made it easy to follow exactly what I needed for a smooth transfer,” she said.

Looking ahead, Prado plans to leverage her bachelor's degree in criminology and criminal justice to make a positive impact by starting her career at a nonprofit, with the aspiration to work for the city of Phoenix in data entry.

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