ASU’s shop at JA BizTown will provide resources and knowledge to support students’ academic journey, from K–12 through college. The store highlights the ways in which ASU supports students through career exploration, student engagement and academic success. During the experience, students will visit with "The Advisor," who will work with them to help explore career options, and "The Professor," who will ask trivia questions regarding the college process, at the ASU shop.

“Our mission is inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in work and life,” said Katherine Cecala, president of Junior Achievement of Arizona. “I am so thrilled that we have ASU here as a partner in BizTown. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of kids in Arizona.”

Students who work in the ASU storefront will get an early look into all that the university has to offer, including the variety of robust academic programs and opportunities to explore and practice the 21st-century learning skills that are essential to today’s learners: critical thinking, creative thinking, communicating and collaborating.

“The reveal of the ASU shop at Junior Achievement of Arizona's BizTown was a momentous occasion,” said Vanessa Ruiz, deputy vice president of Outreach Partnerships at ASU. “We are pleased to partner with Junior Achievement to bring ASU’s college and career readiness resources to BizTown, where young students are empowered through hands-on learning and exposure to the skills and perspectives that will help them to succeed later in life.”

Ruiz said the ASU shop at JA BizTown represents a powerful collaboration between ASU and Junior Achievement.

“The statewide college attainment rate in Arizona is currently at 47%. The ASU shop emphasizes the university’s role in fostering career exploration through college-readiness programs and initiatives that help K–12 students determine their path and foster a college-going mindset,” Ruiz said. “It also underscores the university’s commitment to supporting Arizona's goal of achieving a 60% college degree, certificate or license attainment among working-age adults by 2030.”

Assistant Director of Communications, Educational Outreach and Student Services