ASU selected by Department of Defense for Microelectronics Commons hub

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Editor’s note: This story is featured in the 2023 year in review.

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks announced the award today of $238 million in CHIPS and Science Act funding for the establishment of eight Microelectronics Commons regional innovation hubs.

“This is the first major national security-oriented research and development laboratory ever built in the state of Arizona, and Arizona State University is extremely honored to play a key role in making this happen,” said ASU President Michael Crow.  “There is important work ahead, and this opportunity would not exist without the leadership of Sen. Mark Kelly and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema. They were critically important to the passage of the CHIPS and Science Act and have been tremendous supporters of industry investment and expansion in Arizona. ASU has been deeply invested in this work, but without the senators and the 70 partners who are a part of this effort with us, we wouldn’t be here.” 

Read more on the Department of Defense website.

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